Assignment 3: Mini Lesson Using an iPad Application

Title of the Lesson: Using the Ipad to Word Wizard New Vocabulary Words

Instructor: Karen Kettler

Time Allotted: 20 minutes

Grade Level/Subject Area: 5th grade reading level for Learning Connection students who are 6th graders.

Learning Objectives/Goals:
A. Increase the student's knowledge of the meanings of vocabulary words.
B. Learn to use 1 app to replace both the traditional hardcover dictionary and thesaurus for doing some of the steps involved in the word wizard process as well as learn to use another app as a visual reference if needed for illustrating the word.
C. Compare and contrast the traditional way the students learned to do the word wizard process vs. using the iPad. Discuss the advantages of the iPad. Pose the following queries: What skills do they not get practice with when they use an iPad? Have student brainstorm the following answers: guide words and alphabetical order. Do they still need to know these skills? Why?

iPad Application(s) Used:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD
Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD (FREE): It includes great features: Voice Search (useful if you do not know how to spell a word, Audio Pronunciation, Words in Context, and a Thesaurus: synonyms and antonyms.

Google Search
Google Search (FREE): Has the image tab so that students can search for pictures of new vocabulary words. Student can revisit past searches with Visual Search History and can search by voice!
Learning Activities (Indicate where/when iPad is used):
When a student uses the word wizard process, he follows steps B through G for each word.
A. Each student reads the vocabulary list to check if there are words that he does not recognize the meaning of and places each one on a Word Wizard graphic organizer.
B. Next the student begins the 6-step word wizard process with each word. First the student uses the word in context. (The dictionary app can be used here for an example of how the word is used in context.)
C. Student finds a synonym. (The dictionary app can act as a thesaurus as well.)
D. Next the student writes down what he thinks the word means.
E. Then the student writes down the meaning. (The dictionary app would be used here.)
F. The student draws a picture of the meaning of the word. (The Google app could be used here to consult google images for pictures.)
G. Finally the student creates a clue to help him remember the word.

Evaluation: Weekly the students will review the words on their Word Wizard sheets to help them become familiar with these new words. Monthly, the teacher will check the student's knowledge of the words by asking them to use them in context or to define them.