Assignment 4: Digital ebooks

Digital eBooks

Mathematics: Application & Concepts Course 1
Mathematics: Application & concepts course 1 . (2004). Retrieved from
Use: Mathematics: Application & Concepts Course 1 is the textbook used in 6th grade. Each fall I teach the 6th graders study skills; we meet once a week for six weeks. During one of the sessions we meet in the computer lab to learn how to use the online textbook versions of some of their classroom textbooks that are available to them. One of the textbooks we review is their math book. During the class students have time to explore the many features that their math digital e-book has to offer them such as the personal tutor, self quizzes, vocabulary review, and practice chapter tests. Additionally they save a digital copy of my lesson to their personal files to they can easily access the links to these digital e-books at a later time.
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Franklin and the Tooth Fairy by Paulette Bourgeois $4.99 Available on iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
Bourgeois, P. (2011, August 11). Franklin and the tooth fairy. Retrieved from
Use: For my personal selection, I chose this book because I could use it when I tutor students during the summer. Not only is Franklin a popular character with students, but the tooth fairy is also an important personality in my K5-2nd grade students' lives. Additionally, I like that the author narrates the read along version; it will be especially fun for the children to hear the actual voice of the author. This e-book also includes sound effects and music. Once the student has listened to the book, I would send a printed version home with the student to practice the decoding skills that I had reinforced during the tutored lesson.

Franklin and the Tooth Fairy
Franklin and the Tooth Fairy


Professional use:
War Horse viewAudiobook ($11.95 4 hours and 4 minutes) Book for Kids & Young Adults. Story about a horse that is sold to the Army in 1914 and the farmer's son who was left behind.
One of my students who is very talented does not read for leisure. I would use this book to try to entice her to read. I feel that if she heard a good book and got hooked on visualizing the book as she listened to it being read that maybe she would get hooked on reading for fun. I have been working since this summer to find the spark that will ignite her desire to read. To me, it is a loss because she is very talented intellectually and is an extremely fluent reader. However, because she is not reading for leisure, her vocabulary is lagging because of lack of exposure to meeting new words in context and learning how to figure out their meanings using context clues.

Personal use:
Lost on Planet China viewAudiobook ($17.95 10 hours, 49 minutes) about the travels of J. Maarten Troost in China, a country that is affecting the way we live and think--insightful and funny.
Since I have visited China, I feel that I would enjoy listening to this book. It would be interesting to compare Mr. Troost's experiences to those that I encountered in China. I particularly enjoy listening to books when I am doing projects; books make the projects go faster.