Assignment 5: Vidcast or Podcast

Arithmetic Samples:
Developmental Math Sample:
Use: Both 6th grade math students I have are struggling with division. I plan to have them go through the Khan vidcasts for division. I will begin by introducing these students to __****__/ and familiarizing them with the two sections they will use for review: Arithmetic and Developmental Math. I will have them email the link home so that they can visit these sections on their own for practice. Personally I feel that both students do not really understand what is happening in the division process, but these vidcasts present the steps very clearly. Additionally each student can revisit the site at home as often as she likes to refresh her memory regarding how to do the steps involved with division. I have been thinking about setting up sample problems for these students to refer to when they forget the steps of doing problems. Khan Academy may be my answer! Hopefully the star power of the iPad will grab these students' attention in such a way that they may finally grasp division.

Use: In my research I came across the following podcasts that I would like to put on my personal iPad when I get one. These podcasts will provide resource information and/or a new avenue for learning while I am doing mundane tasks.

Books You Should Read (Free Podcast) Audio book reviews.

Olympics 2012 (Free Podcast) BBC weekly update

NPR: StoryCorps Podcast (Free Podcast) Stories that have been preserved at the Library of Congress by NPR

Travel with Rick Steves (Free Podcast) 301 episodes based on 1-hour conversations with experts and callers about travel, etc.