Assignment 6: Youtube video and Created video

Create an Animoto or iMovie video: This is a slide show that I would use to introduce a unit on blends and digraphs. I would have the student name the object in the picture that begins with a blend or digraph and tell me the beginning two letters.

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

Below are short videos I found in my research; I plan to use these to review the long vowel concept with the first graders. The first clip reviews the silent e rule and the other two clips present vowel patterns. Each spring the Kindergarten teacher and I team teach to the K5 students how to decode long vowel words. Now we can add these clips to our presentations. Additionally we meet with their parents to review phonics concepts and how they can be used in beginning reading. Again these would be great clips to show and add to our list of websites that we give to parents to help them as they explore the reading process with their children.
Silent e Tree
Between the Lions "When Two Vowels Go Walking"
Vowel Team TV: When 2 Vowels Go Walking