Assignment 7: Summary and Reflection

This course has been a fascinating journey! It has opened my eyes to the versatility of the iPad as a tool for my classroom. Now, I not only know what ebooks vs audiobooks, vidcasts vs podcasts, apps, wikis, You Tube, and Teacher Tube are, but I have a clearer understanding of how to use them as resources for my classroom. As I came across information that I wanted to research more but because of time constraints was unable, I realized that I needed to choose a spot to save these links and/or information sites so that I could return to them easily. Thus I decided to make my summary and reflection page a posting page for the items that I wanted to learn more about. My list is below. Khan Academy is an amazing resource that I plan to pass along to two of my middle school students who are struggling in math as well as to a first grader who is advanced in math. I am especially anxious to introduce the lessons on division and fractions from Khan Academy to my middle schoolers; I like the idea that my students can go over these demonstrations at home to gain the needed understanding or they can access them for review. Additionally I found technological natives great resources during this course. For instance, as I was researching articles over the holidays, my college-aged son showed me how to use google scholar in the google search bar. What a great resource that I was totally unaware of! Ms. Linskens, thanks for all the information on the iPad; it has opened up many new learning avenues to me!

Because of my background in special education, I often evaluate the learning process and how to make it easier for those who struggle. During this course, I found myself in the role of a struggling student because the technological aspects of this course were so foreign to me. Not only my age, but also my limited exposure (I do not have an iPhone, nor an iPod yet.) defines me as a technological immigrant; however after this course, I am determined to increase my exposure. Being an immigrant, I knew that I had to take notes so that I could refer back to them to find the information and repeat the steps several times to enable me to create the neuropathways that would make these tasks as automatic as they are to technological natives. But I often became frustrated because when I took the time to jot down notes, I lost time on the iPad experiencing first hand how to do the task being demonstrated. It would have been helpful to me to have notes to refer to similar to power point slide notes.

Notes about sites to visit in the future: Great resource for apps that are rated for elementary school. App search list of outstanding middle school apps. Interesting Wikis that I may wish to use: AWW, a web whiteboard intrigued me. Academic Skill Builder had games the would appeal to my students; I liked Demolition Division and Coconut
Vowels. NOTE: I need to join these sites. Before I do, I want to find out more about the process.

Wikis in Plain English

Khan Academy

Grasshopper Apps.

Smarty Pants School K4-1st

Simple Mind Plus